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“I approached Bettina with the hope of working through a few long since entrenched limited beliefs. These beliefs were holding me back from achieving my full potential and perpetually questioning/reflecting upon my social interactions. Undertaking a BodyEmotionEnergyMind session with Bettina was nothing short of mmiraculousus. Utilising a number of different techniques, in a very supportive environment, we worked together to eliminate beliefs, processes that constrained me within unresourceful states. I have not looked back since our session. The positive outcomes were over and above my expectations. Thanks you so much, Bettina.”

N.M., Compliance Programme Manager, UK


“Thank you, Bettina, for introducing me to the field of tapping and TFT and running through several practical sequences. Ahead of our session I was running with excessive level of anxiety, evident most markedly across my chest and Jaw. I really appreciated the time you took to explain both the theory and the approach. Your professionalism inspired great confidence and quickly put me at ease. Baselining my levels of anxiety at the start of the process, the results by the end of the process were self evident. The tension across both my chest and jaw had disappeared  and I felt both relaxed and composed. Subsequently emailing the precise algorithm applied, along with some other highly practical techniques I’ve been able to apply my learnings in my every day. Time, extremely well spent.  Many thanks Bettina”

Niall, Project Manager, UK


“Bettina has a very wise and kind demeanor when she deals with people and her friends. As I do a lot of step aerobics I experienced a niggling pain in my hips and feet. I also had my umbilical hernia repaired twice so felt  uncomfortable  when I exercised too. All of these ailments I shared with Bettina and she expertly made me feel relaxed and comfortable before giving me a shoulder and hand massage. Following which she painlessly stabbed me with her needles and explained very clearly what was happening and why the needles shifted position. After a period, the needles were removed and disposed of. I had spotting in a couple of points and was reassured that the treatment worked and it was normal.

I am impressed with the whole experience as I found I could workout effortlessly in my aerobics classes. Needless to say I went back for one more treatment. The treatment worked and it opened my eyes to the ancient practice of acupuncture performed with great expertise by Bettina. Thank you my dear!”

Rajini, Accountant, London


“My first experience with acupuncture was with Bettina Pickering. Though I have tried Qi Gong Medical session, foot reflexology, body massage with pressure points, I have never done acupuncture before as I had some reservations as regards to needles! Bettina has an easy going personality and makes you feel comfortable. She takes the time to explain what is hand acupuncture in details and that put my mind at rest. The acupuncture sessions were highly beneficial as I lead a hectic life, always multi tasking and planning ahead. I am now able to pace myself in rhythm with my physical wellbeing and in I am more focused!”

Valerie,  Life, Business and Cross Cultural Coach, London


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