Transformative Meditation

Why Meditation for Business?

Wellbeing Transformative Meditation OfficeDespite most employers best efforts to reduce office pressures, a significant number of staff feel overloaded with information and experience stress at work.

Meditation has been shown to be highly beneficial in relieving stress and overwhelm, and in reducing the stress load accumulated throughout the day. Meditation also aids relaxation, increases mental clarity, and insights.

Group meditation, as we are offering it, adds additional value through ‘awakening to’ and ‘evolving collective consciousness’, proffering previously unforeseen enhancements to teams and their potential.

We also provide participants with transformative meditation techniques. They can apply these during the working day, enabling them to reduce stressors as they appear. This increases creativity and mental focus.

What is ‘Transformative’ Meditation?

Each meditation uses symbolic, metaphorical language. It acts as the bridge to unconscious, often untapped resources, conflicts and blocks. It provides the safe container and pathway to new creative options, inner conflict resolution, and different perspectives on complex problems that previously seemed difficult to resolve.

Our tailored programmes

  • are conducted over the phone/web to ensure everyone, locally and globally, home or office based, has the opportunity to participate
  • are 45 minutes, incl. a short introduction, a different/themed meditation each week, ending with Q&A time
  • are appropriate for people from all faiths and spiritual direction. We do not follow a specific spiritual direction in our meditations, and are happy to tailor what we do specific to your needs
  • provide optional and easy to apply transformative follow on practices
  • will be recorded, so in case you cannot participate on the day you do not miss out
  • take place at the beginning or end of the working day come with a number of flexible delivery and payment options.

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Aronagh provides this service in collaboration with Nyali Muir.

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