Five Element Qi Gong for Health

Qi Gong five elements Wellbeing

The five elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal

Five Element Qi Gong is about creating balance between the Elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

Each element corresponds to organs and parts of our physical body, emotions, mental states, sounds, colours and so much more.

Working with the elements

  • takes self-judgement out of the equation:
    the current state of your body, mind, emotions is described through the elements rather than being given hard scientific labels that can impede change.
  • allows change to occur on all levels:
    the symbolism of water, wood, fire, earth and metal gives permission to our unconscious to support alchemical transformation where needed.
  • is exciting and fun:
    you will notice elemental threads throughout other areas of your life, not just your body and energy system.

Benefits of elemental Qi Gong

This Qi Gong combines standing and sitting positions and movements that help you to

  • gain improved co-ordination and body alignment,
  • increase your energy levels,
  • release neuro-muscular stress and tensions,
  • clear the mind,
  • unwind & relax,
  • enhance your overall health and vitality,
  • be playful and have fun,
  • become aware of emotional patterns and release stuck emotions,
  • expand your awareness and your creative potential,
  • achieve increased flow in your movements, thinking and life.

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