Korean Hand Massage, Acupressure & Acupuncture

What is it?

Koryo Hand Therapy (KHT), also called Koryo Sooji Chim, Korean Hand Acupuncture or Soojichim, was developed by Korean Acupuncturist Dr. Tae Woo Yoo between 1971 and 1975. KHT uses the hand, similar to the way foot reflexology uses the foot, as a microcosm of the whole body.

Hand Massage Acupressure KHT Body Energy Work2How does it work?

KHT uses 14 micro-meridians that correspond to the meridians of Body Acupuncture and 345 points on our hands.

These micro-meridians and points act as gateways to our organs and by stimulating them we can regulate and balance our physical body, emotions and mental state.

This stimulation can be done via massage and acupressure and/or acupuncture using sterilized needles.

It is the client’s choice which treatment methods will be used.


Why KHT?

Bettina chose to train in KHT as it

  • is one of the safest forms of acupuncture,
  • (massage/acupressure) can be done almost anywhere,
  • is a very effective treatment as the hands are directly connected to the brain,
  • supported by the five element concept which makes it easy to combine with most Qi Gong systems,
  • turned out to be very effective and supportive in releasing stuck emotions and accumulated psychosomatic stress; which makes it a great modality to combine with health & wellbeing coaching or stress & resilience coaching,
  • can be used for ongoing self-care.

Bettina often shares relevant hand acupressure points with her coaching clients, so they can self-treat certain conditions, relieve stress or emotional tensions.

What conditions does KHT treat?

If you are in pain or have a problem somewhere in your body, the reactions are reflected on the hands in the form of tender points. Pain commonly or frequently shown on the hands corresponds to the painful part of your body. Therefore, the stimulation of the tender points positively affects pain relief.

KHT is very effective in treating a wide range of conditions such as

  • Muscular painKHT Korean Hand Massage, Acupressure & Acupuncture
  • Emotional imbalances
  • Releasing tension, accumulated stress and stuck emotions
  • Lack of energy
  • Insomnia
  • Allergies
  • PMS
  • Weight loss
  • Skin problems
  • IBS

Check out http://www.koryohandtherapy.com/ for additional conditions treated.

Clients tend to leave a KHT session relaxed, energised, calmer, increased mental clarity and often experience a change in body temperature indicating the healing process is taking place.

Note: KHT is a complimentary treatment modality and is not intended to replace existing treatments from a GP or other western medical practitioners. If you are already in a western treatment protocol, check with your medical practitioner if KHT is suitable for you before contacting Aronagh.

Treatment options

We offer 45 minute and 1 hour session with a choice of Hand Massage & Acupressure, or Hand Massage, Acupressure & Acupuncture. All treatments are face-to-face and take place in Central London, unless otherwise agreed with your therapist.

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We also offer KHT in combination with Coaching, Energy Work and Qi Gong, after an initial free consultation where we discover together what the most effective combination of modalities are for your particular circumstances.

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