Aronagh’s WellBeing Services

Are you experiencing challenges with motivation and commitment to your Health and WellBeing?

Are you lost in the no-man’s land between that nagging voice: “I should get in shape, move, relax, and reduce stress” and procrastination, sluggishness and the ‘stuck to the couch syndrome’? Does this conflict stalemate cost you so much energy that you find it hard to get yourself to do anything much?

Do you wish to upgrade your WellBeing mental, emotional, energetic and physical? Yet, whatever you do, one area always seems to lag behind, and then draw down the others?

Or are there answers you are looking for but feel disjointed, disconnected from your deepest self? Do you live in your head and feel disconnected from your intuition and body? Does your body language belie and betray your words as a leader?

If any of the above apply to you, our Aronagh WellBeing Coaches can help.

Aronagh’s WellBeing Focus

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Health & WellBeing Coaching

Integrative BodyEmotionEnergyMind (BEEM) Transformation

Body & Energy Work

Energy Re-Balancing

Korean Hand Massage/Acupressure/Acupuncture

Qi Gong

Transformative Meditation


We offer packaged coaching programmes, ad-hoc coaching, and bespoke solutions for individuals and teams.

Talk to us about our special rates for people working in the voluntary sector. For self-funded individuals: if financial worries or constraints are holding you back, speak with us. We work with you to put together a mutually agreeable solution.

For further information contact us here.

How we work

We believe the body, mind, emotions, energy and spirit are dynamically interrelated. From experience, we have learnt that a change through one dimension has a ripple effect on the others; a small and seemingly insignificant change can have a massive impact.

We also know that each person is unique, and each of us has preferred entry points or pathways to change and transformation. For example,

  • some of us respond best to physical movements or somatic approaches when stressed, which stabilises their emotions, clears their mind, calms their spirit or increases their energy.
  • others get best results through talk-type or cognitive approaches, which help them change habitual behavioural responses, balance out their energy and give them spiritual connectedness.
  • yet others, find that the emotion angle is their most effective entry point, especially if they don’t find it easy articulating . Working directly with the dominant emotion(s), releases the body, frees the mind, increases spiritual receptivity, and unleashes trapped energy.
  • some work best with energy, especially in those cases when they know something is wrong, find that hard to articulate or cannot access the memory of the underlying root cause. Shifting or transforming energy can help these individuals to balance out the whole system and release whatever they have been holding onto be it weight, negative beliefs, trauma or stuck emotions.
  • other individuals find working with spirit the most effective way to transform WellBeing challenges, and helps them to balance out their whole system and discover answers to key questions. We are flexible as to which entry points of change we work with depending each client’s preferences and needs.

What typical outcomes can you expect?

  • Beach sunset Kerry Ireland Wellbeing OptionsDeeper self- knowledge and awareness
  • Increased level of motivation and staying power
  • Absolute clarity on your stress and procrastination triggers
  • Easy to learn and easy to embody practices
  • Transformation of those health and wellbeing gremlins
  • Increased energy levels and renewed zest for life.

Your  WellBeing Coaching & Therapy Options

WellBeing Coaching Options:

  • Face to face, or Skype Video/Audio
  • Typical 1:1 sessions are 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours
  • One off sessions, call off sessions, 3 month or 6 month programmes available

WellBeing Therapy Options:

Qi Gong, Korean Hand Massage & Acupressure, Korean Hand Acupuncture

  • Face to face only
  • Typical 1:1 sessions are 45 mins or 1 hour
  • One-off sessions, call-off sessions, 3 month or 6 month programmes available

How we work together

We start with an initial free 20 minute consultative discovery session where you have an opportunity to share your main WellBeing goals, key challenges and wellbeing gremlins, and you can find out more about your coach. We will also send you a short questionnaire to complete, which will allow you to decide whether coaching is right for you, what you want to achieve and how committed you are to those goals.

We will help you select or design (if applicable) the coaching programme that is right for you.

Once you are happy to go ahead with coaching, your coach may ask you to complete pre-work before sessions and may provide you with in-between session activities. At the start of each session, your coach will clarify your overall goal and check in with you what you wish to cover in this particular session. These sessions are about you, and you only, so it is good to come prepared with what you wish to get from the session.

Your coach will facilitate your process to achieve your outcomes, and support you through any low times and help you celebrate the high points.

For further information contact us here.