Advanced Values-based Recruitment Skills

training recruitmentAlthough most organisations use a form of competency based interviewing which has raised the quality of staff being recruited, we often find that the cultural fit can be hit and miss.

This is often borne out by customer and colleague feedback. Very few companies use values or culture based interviewing which is critical to attract and identify staff that already share the company’s values and exhibit the right attitudes and behaviours from day one.

Using the insights from Neuro-linguistic Programming, we are able to embed values, behavioural and attitudinal requirements within job ads, role descriptions, recruitment question templates and HR procedures such that inappropriate candidates are easily filtered out and the candidates with the best cultural fit are attracted and identified.

Recruiting staff who match the role’s required underlying behavioural preference patterns

Customer Service/Sales Example:

  • Understanding what makes a person tick, and what are the key characteristics that make successful customer service/sales staff for your business
  • Identifying the core qualities, desired behaviours and attributes for customer service/sales roles using NLP Meta programmes
  • How to word role profiles and ads that attract the right candidates, and briefing of agencies
  • Refining your own judgement by asking laser questions to identify best fit candidates in interviews

Onboarding and induction – getting your vision for the programme/project and role across2-day workshop – pre-reading and follow up work

We offer function specific workshops for Production, Logistics, IT, HR, Facilities, Finance.

Successful Recruitment – Embedding desired values & behavioural patterns


  • Decoding company values, desired attitudes and behavioural patterns for job roles into component parts (attractors, repellers and neutralizers)
  • Translating values, attitudes and behaviours into candidate preferences and trigger words,
  • Updating and/or designing, where applicable, job ads, job descriptions, recruitment template and procedures, recruitment instructions and questionaires, HR processes and procedures
  • Training for HR and recruitment staff in values & pattern based recruitment methodology
  • Developing laser recruitment questions and interviewer guides; interviewer training and train the trainer

Consultancy Programme .for Recruitment Transformation – ca. 2-3 months, duration is dependent on scope and size of organisation.

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