What our participants are saying

Example Training and Workshop Feedback

People Manager & Leadership Training for Board & Senior Management team

“Bettina ran training sessions for the senior team members bringing the insights of NLP into scope and showing how perception is not always intuitive, especially within the fast moving, multi-tasking and global world of a firm like ours. Impact-wise a lasting memory would be the training sessions, which enabled people to learn and understand how the values and perception of the world of others can be vastly different and why an organisation needs to consider and understand this in order to be effective. The lasting legacy of her work is a testament to its value and something that we continue to build upon to this day.”

Co-Founder & CTO, Global Media Technology Company


Resilience for Business (delivered on behalf of Sixth Sense Consulting for a voluntary sector client)

[Bettina was] “really friendly, good pace, adapted to the room well”

“Really interesting course. Pushed me out of my comfort zone. Lots of things to take away. Excellent. Thank you”

[Bettina was] “Excellent. Really Interesting + engaging. Thank you”


Resilience & Stress Management Public Workshop

This was one of my favourite talks so far. Very valuable and relevant content, superb delivery. Thank you Valerie and Bettina for great practical exercises and food for thought. For all of you who couldn’t attend today – please do check out these two ladies, they do really great work.”

Petra Kreatschman, Organiser of www.meetup.com/coaches-talks/.


Managing Personal Performance – Workshop for University of East London’s Make it Global Programme

“Very enjoyable and informative. Thank you”

“Loved it!! Fantastic”

“Great event”


Energetic NLP Discovery Day

“So I feel like I have done nothing yet accomplished so much. It’s been brilliant to work away from my conscious mind as I know it will make a difference now and in the future.  Ever so slightly overwhelming where to go next but that is because I have so much energy and passion around what we covered. […]t’s been great to see Bettina at her best and when working with tools and skills she loves!” Alison Cassidy

 “A deeply relaxing discovery day touching on some nice techniques to re-energise, overcome blocks and generate positive intentions.” Eilidh

A very powerful day. Had got rid of a block that has been wtih me for years. I feel I am ready live my life now . I have learnt powerful tools on how to use my energy.” Ruth Wallace

“I was a little sceptical at first about how ENLP would work but I was curious as I had identified a need to be able to work with energy. After the day, I really feel I have learnt a numgber of powerful tools which I can use personally and professionally. Bettina is a great trainer of ENLP and really embodies the processes. I had a fun. Thoroughly thought provoking day. Thank you J.” Catriona Davies

 I very much enjoyed the ENLP workshop with Bettina. I was intrigued by the use of energy surrounding us and within us. The energy bubble around me, that I can create any time and also around me and other people in the room fascinated me, and was the highlight of the sessoin, representing a very powerful tool for everyday life. Thank you for sharing! JEmily Jansen


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