Resilience, Well-being & Stress Management

Training Stress ManagementStress has become one of the most rampant ‘diseases’ of the 21st century. Budget cuts, extra workload, tight deadlines and the desire to do the best they can, often result in project and business staff assigned to the project neglecting their health and wellbeing.

Over time this leads to absences that contribute to additional project costs, increased workload for colleagues and even project delays.

Our resilience offering provides participants with easy to learn and to apply tools and techniques to reduce the stress load, restore and improve resilience and as result increase overall health. Participants also learn how to support each other in reducing the stress load in their projects and teams.

Resilience – Recognise, Prevent, Amplify



  • Clear understanding what resilience means; own resilience and stress set points
  • Recognise common and own stress triggers, habits & patterns
  • Recognise own state/mood (mind/body/emotion) connection


  • Learn how to change state easily, connect to your power centre, release stuck states/emotions and how to bring in support when you need it
  • Learn how to neutralise stress triggers as they arise, or before they do; transform stress habits and patterns
  • Inspiration & motivation for ongoing practice


  • Learn how to take big picture journeys
  • Setting energetic intentions & grounding
  • Psychosomatic resilience booster

2-day or 3-day programme – resilience profile assessment including 1-1 feedback before the workshop, follow up work

Stress Management in the workplace


  • Recognising your stress patterns and stress triggers
  • Understanding what stress is and how it affects your body, your performance, your decision making, your relationships and your health
  • Difference between accumulated stress load and immediate stressors
  • Experience and embodied learning of tools and techniques to reduce accumulated stress load
  • Experience and embodied learning of easy to apply tools and techniques to release and deal with stressors when they arise
  • Tools/techniques cover physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual levels.

4 x 0.5 days workshop, with action learning and targeted practice in between sessions.

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