Team Development Workshops & Programmes

Creating High-Performance Teams


  • Awareness of own communication, ways of working and team working preferences using MBTI
  • Understanding individual vs team values, individual vs team communication and working preferences and needs
  • Core principles of high-performance teams and establishing the current baseline
  • Identifying and developing shared team metaphors and values
  • Building a foundation of collective ways of working and communicating, respect and commitment

2-day workshop with team behaviour preference questionnaire, and individual feedback session before the workshop

Team Communications & Conflict Resolution


  • The background and underlying principles of NLP – the ‘mindset for success’
  • How to be at your best when it is important, and help others change their state
  • How to set achievable goals and visions, identify benefits, that truly motivates you and others
  • How to build rapport, engage emotions of followers, and connect to stakeholders in their world
  • How to bring out the best in people, and gain their commitment
  • How to communicate, influence and deal with resistance of different stakeholder groups and team members
  • How to give and receive effective feedback

4-day Programme with Certificate.

MBTI workshop for teams


  • Recognising own MBTI preferences vs team profile
  • Establishing a team language
  • Understanding team dynamics and how to effect positive change within the team
  • Enhancing team communication, working under pressure and delivering change
  • Resolving conflicts with the team and across teams

2-day workshop with individual MBTI preference questionnaire and report before the workshop.

NLP Behavioural Patterns for Teams


  • Establishing team values and shared principles
  • Understanding personal NLP Behavioural Pattern preferences vs. team preferences
  • How to effectively interact with people with different preferences
  • Team communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Understanding and applying situational leadership
  • Celebrating successes and imprint great performance

2-day workshop with preference questionnaire and individual feedback session before the workshop, and follow up session post workshop.

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