Leadership Development Workshops & Programmes

Leadership³ – Using Somatic Power to amplify your Leadership Impact


  • Unlocking another level of self, other and situational awareness as a leader
  • Connecting with your authentic core
  • How to harness the power of alignment/ misalignment: body, mind and intuition
  • Recognising own and others’ often unconscious patterns when challenged, under stress or in a ‘rut’
  • Transforming behavioural stress patterns into behavioural flexibility and choice
  • How transforming the physical can increase your leadership power
  • Self-leadership, your inspiration and motivation sources & motivating/inspiring others
  • How intention, focus and space can promote flow and creativity
  • Developing increased resilience, grounding and stability when stepping outside your leadership comfort zone
  • How stories, rituals and symbols can work magic for leaders

A 1 day taster workshop is available.

Offered as a 3, 5 or 7 day off-site programme, with a psychometric assessment and feedback/strategy session before the programme and 1-2 leadership coaching sessions after the programme.

This unique programme blends the latest leadership insights, psychology, neuroscience with somatic intelligence (various Eastern martial arts, mindfulness & health systems), cultural anthropology (storytelling, symbolic modelling) and experiential processes. Through the embodied learning participants are able to exponentially increase their leadership impact immediately after the course.

Leading from your authentic core


  • Principles of authentic leadership, and different leadership styles
  • What you stand for as a leader
  • Own leadership strengths and areas of development
  • Identifying and building on needs and requirements of ‘followers’, and ‘follower’ groups, and what it means to ‘own a vision’
  • Language effective leaders use to influence others and build effective partnerships with ‘followers’

2 day or 4 x 0.5 day workshop, with psychometric assessment/feedback session before the workshop, and 1 follow up coaching session post workshop.

Making the Vision Real


  • Developing a compelling vision and strategic objectives for the organisation
  • Translating the vision and strategy into clear departmental, team and individual objectives
  • Understanding key performance indicators and how to ‘measure’ the intangible
  • Developing practical and suitable key performance indicators that support the company vision and values
  • How to work with staff to set SMART objectives they can own and are motivated to achieve, and how to give feedback
  • How to embody the vision as the leader, and make it real for others

2 day or 4 x 0.5 day workshop

Powerful People Management


  • Recognising own preferred behavioural patterns, and those of others, and how to use pattern specific communication as the bridge
  • Understanding your people manager role in relation to company vision, values, culture, processes and procedures.
  • Giving and receiving effective and supportive feedback
  • How to set objectives that work and deliver
  • Understand what motivates staff, and how to apply this to get results
  • How to effectively deal with difficult conversations turning them into a win/win
  • How make tough decisions, and proven processes to communicate them effectively

4 x 0.5 day workshop with action learning in between sessions

Coaching Skills for Leaders & People Managers 


  • Understanding the difference between Coaching vs Mentoring vs Managing vs Leading
  • Ability to step into a coaching mindset
  • Understanding your direct reports and followers, what counts for them vs what counts for you or the company, and creating alignment
  • Knowing and using key coaching questions and processes
  • Being able to use both career and performance coaching approaches
  • Giving effective feedback (and receiving it)
  • How to move a ‘client’ beyond excuses and blockages towards outcomes
  • Ownership of actions and follow up

2.5 days or 5 x 0.5 day workshop

NLP Diploma for Leaders & People Managers


  • The background and underlying principles of NLP – the ‘mindset for success’
  • How to be at your best when it is important, and help others change their state
  • How to set achievable goals and visions, identify benefits, that truly motivates you and others
  • How to build rapport, engage emotions of followers, and connect to stakeholders in their world
  • How to bring out the best in people, and gain their commitment
  • How to communicate, influence and deal with resistance of different stakeholder groups and team members
  • How to give and receive effective feedback

4-day Programme with Certificate with option to go onto the NLP Practitioner Course.

NLP Practitioner for Leaders & People Managers 


  • Ways to resolve interpersonal and group conflicts
  • Setting goals more effectively and achieving them
  • Influence and gain deep rapport with others through body language, voice and words
  • Anchor high performance states so you can feel how you want when you want it!
  • Understand and change unuseful and unwanted habits, strategies, beliefs and feelings quickly
  • Your behavioural preferences and personal values, and how those impact others
  • Transform the way you communicate by learning how we code our experiences
  • Achieve personal and organisational alignment and discover how to address misalignments
  • Coach someone using NLP, and what to avoid doing in coaching situations

7-day fast track Programme in two parts over 2 months with Certificate. NLP Diploma is prerequisite. Pre-work required.

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