Improving the Customer Claims Journey

Policy holders don’t always have a good claims experience. This can happen for various reasons including lack of rapport with the claims agent, feeling not listened to or dismissed, diverging expectations of the possible claim outcome, lack of understanding of the claims process or simply miscommunication.

This can result in

  • policy holders switching to another insurer,
  • an increase in claims costs due to a prolonged claims journey,
  • in some cases customer complaints to the regulator,
  • reputation damage through word of mouth,
  • third parties involved in the claim consciously choosing not to become customers,
  • increased staff dissatisfaction and stress.

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As a thank you for attending the breakfast meeting, we are offering complimentary strategy sessions. These sessions are of 1 hour duration and will give you following results:

  • Clarity on how NLP can improve your process effectiveness, customer journey and employee journey
  • The 3 priority areas of improvements that you will gain through NLP
  • Outline, days and investment for the type of NLP training that will give you the improvements you want

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The Power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is the science of excellence. It’s power is in the elegant combination of

  • neurology – knowing how the minds works and how people think
  • linguistics – ability to communicate and build rapport with others based on where they are at and what their preferences are
  • programming – understanding of the patterns that drive human behaviour and experience

NLP can help improve the claims process and customer claims journey by:

  • Improving rapport building & communication skills
  • Behaviour & mindset change of claims staff
  • Identifying and modelling excellence, so that customers have a consistently good experience
  • Motivation & influencing skills
  • Customer retention
  • Authentic leadership

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