Innovation & Creativity Training

Creative problem solving innovationOrganisations need innovation to remain competitive and evolve.

Yet, standard procedures, organisation structures, increasing stress and various other boundaries often stifle innovative and creative energies, or send them down the same path over and over again.

Our workshops enable participants to recover their creativity and innovative abilities and energies, identify new sources of inspiration and different ways to approach and solve problems creatively.

Activating innovation and creativity


  • Principles of innovation and creativity
  • Understanding your creativity profile – when and how are you are your most creative/innovative
  • Discover where your inspiration source is and how to tap into it at will
  • Learning from the old masters – how they did it
  • Tools and techniques to unlock creativity and inspire innovation in yourself and your team
  • Embodied innovation and creative expression
  • Dealing with stress and other innovation distractors
  • What to do when creativity is blocked or when nothing seems to work

2-day off site workshop

Creative Strategy Innovation Session


  • Common understanding of problem/innovation challenge & parameters
  • Creativity pods using out of box tools, processes and techniques drawn from a variety of modalities to gain different perspectives of the challenge
  • Embodied innovation and creative expression using Qi Gong principles

1-day workshop with pre-work. This workshop is for teams that are stuck with a specific challenge and wish to create a breakthrough for a specific problem/innovation challenge.

Creative Problem Solving Skills 


  • Understanding personal problem solving preferences, habits and pathways
  • Developing creative flexibility, thinking outside the box and working from different perspectives
  • Applying different Problem Solving tools, processes and techniques to ‘challenges’ or ‘problems’
  • Problem solving block busters This workshop can also be run for a team working on a specific problem or innovation challenge they wish to accelerate or unblock.

2-day workshop

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