Customer Service & Sales Training

Training customer services salesIn a world where power has shifted to the customer, we believe that the quality of interpersonal communication and interaction are key success factors for excellent customer service and long-term relationships with customers.

We not only focus on staff-customer interactions but also on internal team dynamics – we found that the quality and nature of interaction with colleagues has a direct impact on the customer experience, especially once the customer has completed the purchase, and sales have passed them along the supply chain.

Advanced communication & people skills for sales /customer service staff


  • Learn why the end-to-end customer experience is so important, and how your contribution and ownership of the results can make all the difference
  • Understanding and identifying what makes your customers (and colleagues) tick and what is important to them
  • How your own beliefs, attitudes and behaviours impact on others (customers and colleagues)
  • How to meet others on their level and in their ‘world’ and demonstrate you understand them
  • How to discover and get across “what is in it for me” – benefits that will get customer commitment
  • Using NLP metaprogrammes and other linguistic techniques to successfully engage with customers and colleagues in written and face to face communications
  • Effectively dealing with ‘upset’ customers, and achieve loyalty and satisfaction

2-day or 4 x 0.5 day workshop – pre-reading and follow up work.

NLP Diploma for Sales & Customer Service Managers


  • The background and underlying principles of NLP – the ‘mindset for success’
  • Learn about the results based communication model and what taking ownership means
  • How to be at your best when it is important
  • How to build rapport, deal with conflict, emotions, and connect to others (customers and colleagues) in their world
  • How to identify values and benefits that truly motivate and enrol your customers
  • Understand buying strategies, convincer patterns and customer decision making
  • How to identify customers (and colleagues) communication preferences and communicate with them in ‘their’ language with integrity
  • Dealing with difficult customers and challenging colleagues
  • How to anticipate customer and colleague reactions, understand their perspectives and how you can make a positive impact
  • How to give and receive effective feedback

4-day Programme with certificate. Certificate enables participants to attend an NLP Practitioner Programme.

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