Training creativity learning fun enjoyment Aronagh’s learning & development programmes stand out through their seamless and powerful blend of proven traditional approaches with the latest and most effective insights and technologies drawn from different disciplines.

These include Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), various schools of Psychology, Psychometrics, Neuro- and Heartscience, Learning Science, Emotional Intelligence, Engineering, Cross cultural Intelligence, Art, Coaching research, Symbolic modelling, Change Management, Somatics, Martial Arts and Energy Work.

As we come from a transformative change and sustainability perspective, values, attitude and behaviours underpin all our workshops, courses and consulting interventions.

Each of our packaged workshops or programmes therefore adapted to each respective clients’ unique company culture and desired change in leader and employee attitudes and behaviours.

The blending of complimentary modalities and our focus on values, attitudes and behaviours accelerates participant conscious learning, and unconscious absorption of learnt material. Following our programmes, this quickly leads to noticeable changes in the workplace with tangible results.

Aronagh’s Learning & Development Focus

Eye vision world global longterm sustainable Leadership & Team Development

Culture & Change

Innovation & Creativity

Resilience, Well-being & Stress Management

Customer Service & Sales Training

Advanced Values-based Recruitment Skills

Executive and Life Coaching


All of our courses and workshops can be taken as stand-alone, or combined into a tailored programme. We also design bespoke learning solutions for the above focus areas.

How we work

Our preference is to partner with our clients to provide courses, workshops and interventions that match their needs and requirements. Before any workshop or course delivery, we engage with the client organisation to understand their specific challenges, identify key focus areas of any training and preferred learning styles. Engagement could take the form of a phone call, face to face meeting, or a short survey. This approach enables us to adapt and tailor our core content and delivery style for maximum impact and ensures sustainability of agreed outcomes.

For courses and workshops that are transformative in nature we often work with two facilitators which allows us to support participants individually and as a collective group, increasing the impact of desired change.

Most of our workshops/trainings can be split over a number of weeks. We find this to be highly effective and impactful, allowing participants to apply and embody learnt material more sustainably. For most courses we offer e-mail support, and if required phone support to individuals at no additional cost for an agreed time period post-delivery. We recognise that questions often come up when learnings are applied in the real world.

To discuss your requirements or to find out more, contact us here.