The Real Truth About Finding The Right Business Partner for The Long Haul

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In January 2015, I was honoured to be interviewed by Mark Asquith from Excellence Expected for his podcast series “Define Challenge & Conquer!
Your Biggest Challenges Solved by the World’s Greatest Business Experts”

Successful Business Collaborations:

  • why upfront clarity about your needs and values is so important before entering into business relationships
  • how Unconscious Bias may skew your decision-making
  • what to look for in collaborative partners – focus on shared values

Snippets from the interview:

In business, you can’t do everything yourself. That’s where partners and collaborators come into play. You need people who you can trust and rely on.

Also, you need to understand what and who you truly need. Your ingrained preferences and beliefs (unconscious bias) may not be the best way to base decisions. You may be very different from those you work with, but that’s ok!

Determine what’s important to you. Find people who share similar values. Building a relationship based on values, rather than skills and competencies, will help it succeed and last.

Identify what characteristics and qualities you need in your ideal employee, collaborator and/or partner. Characteristics may include requiring excellence, ownership, and responsibility for their work.

Take action to find the people you need. Go to networking events and participate in social media outlets. Put your need out there and be clear about what and who you are looking for. Then the right people will apply.”

Listen to the interview here:

Episode 46 – The Real Truth About Finding The Right Business Partner for The Long Haul 

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