Hiring for cultural fit in SMEs

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Read my recent article: “Avoid costly hiring mistakes by hiring for cultural fit and not just for skills” published in The Social Press.

Anyone can pick up and learn skills fairly quickly. Fit with an organisation’s culture (current or desired) is another matter entirely. Cultural fit is based on the combination of someone’s values, attitudes and behaviours. These form part of who someone is as a person. If these clash with an organisation’s culture, both parties will experience negative consequences.

As an employee you may experience:

  • isolation and lack of integration into the team
  • frequent and what appears to be unwarranted criticism
  • negative work place atmosphere and frequent conflict
  • dissatisfaction and low motivation at work
  • feeling of being unappreciated and misunderstood

As an employer you may experience:

  • increased complaints by team members
  • increased grievances by disenchanted employees
  • lack of productivity or outcomes that are not to your standard
  • frequent errors and mistakes that have to be corrected and highlighted
  • actions and behaviours that just don’t fit and cause delays, misunderstandings and conflict

Not having a good cultural fit is no judgement of a candidate or an organisation. It only means that there isn’t a good match.

What’s your experience?


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