People & Culture: Case Study

A Media Technology Company

Media case study in control of the world culture changeTo enable the anticipated growth in turnover this fast growing global media technology company needed to prepare for a quadrupling of their staff numbers within the next four years.

The expected exponential growth required a shift in global culture, a different and flexible global organisation structure, a streamlining and enhancement of current HR processes, especially recruitment and performance management, and leadership development of the organisation’s people managers.

Aronagh’s Bettina Pickering worked in close partnership with the company’s CEO, COO and CTO and their senior team, helping them to design and implement the new global organisation, supporting HR processes and practices, cultural baseline and leadership development interventions and training, whilst matching the client organisation’s core values of excellence, innovation and speed.

The engagement was completed within a three months’ timeframe using a flexible approach that drew on insights and techniques from executive coaching, NLP, organisation design, culture change, leadership development, process improvement, and people management.

Key change activities and outcomes

  • designed and facilitated initial workshops with core board members that identified current and desired values and cultural traits of the organisation, and the key strategic activities required to transition the culture from current to desired state
  • carried out culture interviews with staff in UK and US clarifying staff values and expectations that fed into the design of the new organisation, the HR processes and leadership development training
  • supported the board in the design and implementation of the new and flexible global organisation structure
  • reviewed and developed core and coherent global people lifecycle processes and procedures, role descriptions, the organisation’s core competency matrix, and interview guides for recruitment based on the desired cultural values and traits
  • supported the engagement and briefing of new recruitment agency partners, and conducted a number of candidate interviews for specific roles ensuring coherence of message
  • developed and delivered leadership and people manager development workshops based on NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), coaching and people management concepts that helped managers to improve their effectiveness in managing staff performance and development
  • design and delivery core business scenarios workshops to bring the new organisation chart to life, capture tacit cross company process knowledge and improve cross departmental communication
  • provided executive coaching support throughout the engagement helping board members and managers gain clarity, perspective and new choices for specific issues.

Client Testimonial of Benefits

“[Our company] gained tremendously from our work with Bettina and Aronagh, specifically the mission was to put together a framework that would allow us make the transition from oversized start-up to billion dollar business and be able to cope with an expected 10x scale up in head count.

The trick was that the “secret sauce” of our success was based upon our flat agile structure, organically cultivated and something that we did not want to change. However, we were realistic in that such a structure would not scale indefinitely and so something needed to be done.

Bettina’s work helped us to formally define our culture and values and put together training materials that would allow these to persist as the firm grew and coaching via osmosis was no longer an option. In addition, Bettina ran training sessions for the senior team members bringing the insights of NLP into scope and showing how perception is not always intuitive, especially within the fast moving, multi-tasking and global world of a firm like ours.

The lasting legacy of her work is a testament to its value and something that we continue to build upon to this day.”

Co-Founder & CTO, Global Media Technology Company (Names withheld for confidentiality reasons. Contact Aronagh here for a named reference)