People & Culture

World culture building blocks peopleAt the heart of an organisation’s success are its people; and how they consistently behave internally and externally.

Organisational culture is about behavioural styles and patterns – some are brought into the organisation by people’s behavioural preferences, social and legal conventions; organisational hierarchy, procedures, and rules create others.

Although culture is key to an organisation’s success and growth, it is often left to chance, or – if addressed – there can be a lack of consistent follow-through, or the focus is on fire fighting symptoms rather than root cause.

Successful people & culture change covers the following:

  • Full alignment between organisational vision, growth targets, employee promise and customer promise, with cultural patterns and behavioural styles required to make these happen across the organisation,
  • Removing conflicts between vision, values, desired culture and current organisation structure, processes, procedures, incentives, and rules,
  • Seamless alignment between Human Resources and Line, making employer actions consistent with stated values and the employee promise,
  • Culture and desired behavioural patterns are embedded throughout the employee lifecycle, from the wording in recruitment ads, role descriptions, and individual’s objectives to how line managers conduct an appraisal and how leaders engage with staff,
  • Organisational culture needs to contain an element of flexibility to adapt to changing business environments and market demands.

What our clients are saying:

“Bettina’s passion and intensity makes working with her very rewarding; she is not afraid to ‘cut to the chase’; the sessions very quickly provoke thought, debate and ultimately positive change. Approachable and yet not afraid to challenge perceptions she created a pressure relief value within the firm at a crucial time allowing us to home in on latent issues of concern which if not addressed would have caused us significant trouble down the road.”

R.I., Chief Technology Officer, Media Technology Company

Our approach to People & Culture Change has five core elements:

  1. Consistency & Alignment: end-to-end and top down
  2. Organic evolution through tweaks rather than a change Tsunami
  3. Flexibility & Adaptability
  4. Focus on the difference that makes the difference
  5. Engagement & Embodiment

Our Services:

Culture Change

People United around the world culture integrationWe help you to identify actual values, underlying, tacit behavioural patterns, and conflicts whilst we work with you to develop the cultural parameters you wish to establish. Using a combination of consultancy, training and coaching we help you to implement the culture changes where they will have the biggest impact, fast.

Employer Brand & Employee Engagement

We quickly establish with you where you current employer brand and engagement approach are now working for you, and help you make fast acting and impactful alignments where they give you the greatest benefit.

People Strategy

We provide health checks of current people strategy, identify strengths, gaps, risks and challenges, and support you in developing a comprehensive people strategy including a detailed, cost effective implementation roadmap. We work with HR departments and business department heads to articulate a benefits-driven people strategy that supports their unique departmental cultures and challenges.

HR Process Review & Improvement

We conduct a deep dive business process analysis; identify breakdowns, hot spots, wasted effort and improvement areas. We consider the end-to-end process flow and connections to other processes. We have significant process mapping and process re-engineering expertise, supported by a strong process design methodology. Whilst we understand and have worked with the full range of HR processes, we have a strong specialism in recruitment, performance management and HR back office processes.

We also offer: Operating Model Design & Organisation Development Services and People & Culture training and workshops.

To discuss your requirements or find out more, contact us here.

People & Culture Case Study– A Global Media Technology Company

Media case study in control of the world culture changeIn preparation for anticipated growth, a global media technology company required a shift in culture and a new, flexible organisation structure with supporting people processes. Aronagh’s Bettina Pickering helped the board and senior team to design and implement the new organisation structure, growth-orientated and scalable people processes, robust HR practices and an NLP-based leadership development training which provided a strong foundation for growth and enhanced cross company communication. [Read more]