Operating Model Design: Case Study

A major global charity

Worldchild Charity Organisation Design casestudyAfter significant growth of the charity’s Institutional Funding over the last years coupled with the changing funding and donor landscape, the charity wished to adapts its Institutional Funding business model to ensure continued and sustainable growth in funding through institutions, whilst maintain its outstanding programme delivery track record.

To do this, the charity commissioned a six-month programme to clearly understand challenges of the current grants model, identify business model options for Institutional Funding acquisitions and subsequent successful delivery, build a business case, and develop a new business operating model design for the preferred option.

Aronagh’s Bettina Pickering supported the charity’s Institutional Funding Programme providing Organisation Design and Change Management expertise, in addition to supporting the financial modelling work, in a short 2-months timeframe to ensure decision deadlines for the leadership could be met effectively.

Key activities and outcomes

Aronagh’s contribution to the overall Institutional Funding Programme was:

  • Provided the organisation design methodology for the new business model,
  • Identified and articulated key design principles for the new business operating model based on the organisation’s strategic objectives, values and external performance measures,
  • Designed the new business operating model including capabilities, competencies, roles, and high-level balanced scorecard,
  • Gave input to the business case development and the option assessment,
  • Provided recommendations, and the roadmap and process for implementation including a detailed programme plan.

The leadership team accepted the proposed Institutional Funding business model and benefits case; and awarded the programme the requested funds to proceed with the implementation.

Client Testimonial of Benefits 

“Bettina [Pickering] displayed excellent business analysis skills and was able to advise us on both process and approach. This approach was very effective for a key business model and strategy programme which had Director , CFO and CEO level input.

Bettina’s breadth of experience and skills (from financial accounting and analysis, business process design through to human resource management and organisation development) was of huge benefit to us.

She was also able to fill business resource and knowledge skills very effectively. Bettina’s people skills provided a solid platform to ensure delivery with a new team who worked under pressure. Bettina has great communication and facilitation skills plus the ability to coach people effortlessly (sometimes they are hardly aware of the coaching they are receiving).”

Interim Head of Institutional Funding, Major Global UK Charity (Names withheld for confidentiality reasons. Contact Aronagh here for a named reference)