Operating Model Design

There are three critical components to designing an operating model:

1. Clear design principles

These are drawn from a variety of sources to ensure they reflect the interconnectivity and needs of different organisational stakeholder groups. Sources include: business vision, business strategy, customer promise, employee promise, market demands.

Defining design principles often results in a re-interpretation and re-definition of strategy leading to extended clarity and understanding across the organisation how each individual contributes to the organisations purpose. Fully defined design principles can also form the basis of the organisation’s or department’s balanced scorecard.

2. Coherent and ecological business modelling

We design the high-level business architecture – organisation, culture, process, systems model – to support the design principles whilst taking the interplay of the different elements into account. At business model stage, we provide a number of options with supporting business case, benefits and risks to ensure committed decision making.

3. Deep dive practical operating model design and roadmap of change

For the chosen business model we support you in designing the detailed operating model – the nuts and bolts, the whats, whos, hows, whens, wheres and what ifs – and prepare a practical roadmap of change, for a step by step implementation. We also help you develop your engagement and change leadership approach so that your new operating model fulfils your expectations.

“I believe that the capacity that any organization needs is for leadership to appear anywhere it is needed, when it is needed.”

Margaret J. Wheatley

Aronagh’s Organisation Design approach:

  • is balanced between tangible, hard measures with softer, intuitive concepts,
  • covers all organisational elements and their interplay and dependencies: people, capabilities, culture, structure, processes and systems,
  • includes ecology – contextual drivers, constraints and dynamics – in design principles thus ensuring the resulting business or operating model is agile and can evolve,
  • ensures alignment with the organisation’s vision and purpose, its customer and employee promises,
  • enables top team commitment through its facilitative & accelerated decision making processes and inbuilt engagement and leadership principles.

What our clients are saying:

“Bettina has extensive consulting experience, which enabled her to deliver high quality and comprehensive deliverables, analysis and assessments in a very short time. She  is a highly skilled consultant who provides high quality results consistently and can always be relied upon to deliver under pressure.”

Interim Head of Institutional Funding, Major Global UK Charity

Our Services:

Organisation Development Maturity Assessment

org maturity assessment exampleThis assessment covers all aspects of organisational development and ability to respond to change and challenges. It provides a clear overview of your organisation’s organisational development maturity, highlights key gaps, areas of wasted resources and immediate areas for improvement.

The OD assessment is a useful input for the development of the five year people strategy, the annual HR budget or if you wish to make significant improvements to the people side of your organisation.

Operating Model Design & Delivery

Organisation development pyramid_copyright AronaghThis service includes design & implementation support of:

  • a full business model alignment from vision/strategy, brand, values, leadership to operating model & environment,
  • a new business, business unit or departmental operating model including all of its components,
  • the end to end employee lifecycle from vacancy identification via recruitment to retention/L&D,
  • a job catalogue, job sizing, pay scales, role profiles, competency matrix, including performance processes,

Check out our people & culture services. Call or e-mail us to discuss your specific requirements.

Operating Model Design Case Study: A major global charity

Worldchild Charity Organisation Design casestudyTo sustain and support the successful growth of its Institutional Funding portfolio in a changing funding and donor landscape, The charity needed to adapt its business model for Institutional Funding. Aronagh supported the Institutional Funding Programme in designing a high-level new Institutional Funding operating model including capabilities, roles, and core processes. Aronagh provided input to the option assessment and the business case, and developed an implementation roadmap and process for the next phases of the Programme. [read more]