What our clients are saying . . .


“Bettina’s passion and intensity makes working with her very rewarding; she is not afraid to ‘cut to the chase’; the sessions very quickly provoke thought, debate and ultimately positive change.

Approachable and yet not afraid to challenge perceptions she created a pressure relief value within the firm at a crucial time allowing us to home in on latent issues of concern which if not addressed would have caused us significant trouble down the road.

Impact-wise a lasting memory would be the training sessions, which enabled people to learn and understand how the values and perception of the world of others can be vastly different and why an organisation needs to consider and understand this in order to be effective.

Bettina exhibited a stoic resilience to win over the trust and respect of the majority of the firm, tricky with tech business as people are naturally sceptics of all things corporate.

As such I’d recommend Bettina and Aronagh without hesitation.”

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Media Technology Company


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