Business Transformation & Change

change transformation project programmeToo many change programmes fail or deliver significantly below expectations (time, cost, outcomes) because of

Poor executive leadership and sponsorship

Lack of capabilities, too many other fires to put out, hidden or unspoken conflicts at senior levels, limiting beliefs, or just apathy and blind hope that it will all work out somehow;

Lack of employee involvement

Staff who need to be involved are not, unnecessary secrets are kept or information not released for fear of having to take action

Ineffective change agents

Lack of change skills, lack of change practice, too much on their plate or simply the wrong people;

Inflexible and incomplete solution

Forgetting the elephants in the room: the change that is required & that changes is happening all around the solution, all the time;

Haphazard or inappropriate change approach

Either too little and too ad hoc or overly formalised box ticking rather than doing the change, lack of investment in what really matters.

These five elements are also those ones companies regularly exclude, skimp on, or simply do not know how to tackle – even in the smallest change initiatives.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”

Lao Tzu

Aronagh’s approach to programme and change management

  • puts people at the centre – people, what they believe and how they behave, is what creates and sustains successful outcomes, not systems, processes or structures, they can only support or enable, nothing more.
  • focusses on what matters – leadership commitment and capabilities, unveils the elephants in the room: cultural blockages, hidden conflicts, and being truthful about reality, embodied change skills where they are needed, clarity of vision and direction, engaging staff in the dialogue not just communicating.
  • gets results quickly – we cut to the chase, and only use interventions that will make an impact, fast or will provide the structures for change to happen from day 1 and allow it to evolve organically.
  • ensures sustainable outcomes – outcomes that continuously adapt and evolve with changes in business environment, changing markets, changes in business direction and change in people internally.
  • flexible change approach – combining consultancy, training, coaching and facilitation, and applying whatever is needed when it is needed, underpinned by a powerful change methodology that asks the right questions at the right time, provides the necessary structure and discipline and include those usually neglected aspects of change.

Our Services

Change Maturity Health Check

Steps to goal business transformation changePrevent change programme failure or disappointment through this assessment of your organisation’s change capabilities, cultural parameters, bandwidth, appetite, and commitment.

We identify strengths, gaps and risks, and provide practical recommendations on how to harness your strengths better, fill the gaps and mitigate the risks based on your specific organisational culture, challenges and business environment.

Change Management Capability Development

One of key reasons why change programmes fail or deliver below expectations is lack of change management or business transformation experience, knowledge and absence of a comprehensive and coherent methodology.

Using consultancy interventions, training and team coaching, we help your leaders, change agents and programme/project team members develop powerful and embodied change capabilities. We also make sure that any inherent change blockers – e.g. certain procedures, value incongruences, process gaps – are transformed within your organisation, and any underlying cultural patterns that prevent or erode change results are addressed.

Transformative Change Programme Design & Delivery

We provide consultancy support for your business transformation or change programme from start to finish, including: visioning, case for change, programme set up and programme management, benefits management, risk management, stakeholder management, communication and training, process re-engineering, operating model design and programme/project transition.

We have expertise working with pure people change programmes and IT-enabled change programmes including shared services and outsourcing.

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Business Transformation & Change: Case Study – A UK Financial Services Institution

Canary Wharf Financial Institution case study[Aronagh’s] Bettina [Pickering] was brought in to set up a change programme and deliver a new target operating model for the [client’s] back office functions.

Within three months, she built a programme team, set up programme governance and communication and helped the division heads to turn the initial high-level organisation design into detailed designs and effect the transition to the new model.