Aronagh Consulting

“Change your behaviour – change your World”

We specialise in complex change:

  • complex culture consultancy world2helping you clearly articulate your vision & case for change,
  • pin pointing cultural, behavioural & process patterns required to make your vision a reality,
  • picking out key threads where interventions will make the biggest impact,
  • designing and setting up a change programme that will give you sustainable results fast,
  • supporting you with practical and hands-on leadership, facilitation and action throughout.

Aronagh is an independent management consultancy. We provide consultancy, training, coaching and facilitation. We work locally and internationally, and thrive in culturally diverse and challenging environments.

Aronagh’s Consulting Services

Eye Wellbeing overviewPeople & Culture  

Case Study: A Media Technology Company   

Organisation Design

Case Study: A major global UK charity

Business Transformation & Change

Case Study: A UK financial institution

Data Governance

Case Study: A global enzyme manufacturer

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How we work

We know people are what makes or breaks successful change. Therefore, people are at the heart of what we do and what we offer. We welcome resistance and conflict, as once they are out in the open and a non-judgemental space; we can find a solution that works. We also believe in engaging as many people as needed in your organisation, and leaving you with the skills, capabilities to lead, and delivery successful change in the future.

We work in partnership with our clients, a partnership built on honesty, integrity, and trust. When something is not working, we will tell you and expect you to do the same.

We believe in flexibility and creating choice. This means we make sure we hold the bigger picture in the background at all times, whilst we work on the details or any current issues together. Everything we do has clear links to that bigger picture. By bigger picture we mean ecology – your vision, the solution and our interventions need to work in a changing world and need to be capable of evolving with external and other internal changes.

We only do what is necessary and what we know will work. Yes, sometimes we will suggest something that has not been done ‘like this’ before. It may appear innovative and different, and we will do this because we know it will work for you and your organisation’s culture.

Benefits of working with us

  • Butterfly consulting transformation change benefitsQuick and sustainable results,
  • Solution and outcomes that work and are flexible to evolve with changing business environments,
  • Increased and embodied change skills and capabilities for leaders and staff we engage with,
  • Re-usable methodology, templates and approaches,
  • We deliver on outcomes rather than day rates,
  • Flexible approach tailored to your unique circumstances and desired outcomes.

What we bring

  • Unique experience: global, multi-cultural, multi-industry, multi-business process and 15+ years change management and transformation,
  • Flexible approach combining consultancy, training, coaching, and facilitation,
  • Combination of tried and tested consulting methodologies supercharged by influences from different disciplines – including neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), neuroscience, energetics, martial arts, and somatics.

We work through your own people, as we believe that expertise needs to organically build and stay in your own organisation.

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