Breakthrough Coaching

Would you like to

  • raise your confidence?Coaching balance juggling complexity
  • improve your self-esteem and how you think/feel about yourself?
  • sort out your work/life balance?
  • realise a very specific personal goal that so far you found difficult to achieve given what else is going in your life?
  • make a step change in your career?
  • find a truly motivating and energising job? Re-enter the workplace after redundancy?
  • have a confidential soundboard?
  • deal with your stress levels and raise your resilience?

Our Coaching helps you to understand yourself and what you truly want. It helps you energise your goals, increase your motivation and commitment.

In the breakthrough coaching process you transform yourself, those blocks that hold you back and limit you; we bring out strengths, talents and energy that you did not know you had.

We believe the role of your breakthrough coach is to:

  • wheel of life coaching balancehelp you get absolute clarity about the issues you are dealing with,
  • work with you shape your goals into outcomes that just thinking of them, energises and motivates you,
  • explore and transform stumbling blocks – external and internal,
  • challenge you to expand your perspective, to allow yourself to be as great as you can be to be 100% committed to yourself,
  • help you discover your sense of purpose,
  • champion the authentic you, your strengths and your achievements,
  • encourage you when you things don’t go your way or you experience set-backs,
  • hold the space for you to raise your self-awareness, deal with issues that you need to deal with and celebrate your achievements,
  • be 100% committed to you and your vision/goals.

We offer coaching sessions to suit you, face to face or Skype/Phone.

Your coach supports you between sessions with encouragement, and – when you need it – a quick phone conversation to bounce things off or get a different perspective.

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