Executive Coaching: Performance

Coaching performance complexityGreat performance is not about ticking boxes, being around and giving extra time. It is also most often not about skill or lack thereof. Most staff members have the necessary skills or can learn them in a reasonable timeframe.

“Great performance tends to be a combination of some foundational skills
behaviours, attitudes, values and motivation.”

Great performance is about:

  • asking questions – being able to ask the right questions to move things forward, to gain the information needed to complete a task and to decide whether something is worthwhile doing.
  • smart decision makingskilled at incisively picking out – from many different people, demands, expectations, hive of business activity – juggling and prioritising pieces of information of who and what is relevant, effective and impactful right now and action that.
  • resilience under pressurebeing able to focus on what is important when the pressure is mounting, effectively dealing with one’s own and other’s stress levels and quickly bouncing forward from set-backs.
  • behavioural flexibilitystriving to learn and seek to improve own working practices. Being able to adopt different perspectives and seeking to contribute to other’s differing ways of working, leading or delivering.
  • taking responsibility for oneself – continuously increasing one’s self awareness and the ability to work with internal signals such as emotions, intuition, and other senses. Taking responsibility for one’s actions, needs and own wellbeing and energy levels and not waiting until someone else steps in.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

Timothy Gallwey

We offer performance coaching programmes for teams and individuals. Our programmes are bespoke to your performance vision and requirements, and usually sessions are held face to face. We are able to offer individual performance coaching programmes on skype, if desired.

Our Programmes 

Our programmes support you to become aware of and, if relevant, change your behaviours, attitudes and motivation rather than focusing on technical skills. We found that working at a higher level to skills has a profound impact on our client’s effectiveness, ways of working, productivity and engagement in the workplace.

Performance StepChange

Performance step change coachingFor people who feel they have reached a plateau, are working towards promotion, have changed job sideways or have just gotten promoted and who wish to refresh, refocus and significantly improve their performance in areas such as:

  • Programme and project management
  • Change management
  • People/Line management
  • Sales performance

Performance StepChange is a bespoke programme over 4-6 months with monthly or fortnightly coaching sessions of 2 hours.

We agree your performance requirements and goals up front and design the programme around your availability and needs to ensure that you achieve the outcomes you want.

“You can’t solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”

Albert Einstein

Performance BreakThrough

unknown road ambiguityThis programme is for people who are at risk, who have had feedback that their performance needs to change asap or who recognise that if they don’t change, they will not be able to continue as and where they are.

The 3-month programme is designed around your specific performance improvement needs.

We make sure that whatever we do together is completely measurable for you, so you know – without any doubt – that and when your performance is improving.

This also enables you to consciously build on that improvement exponentially.

Both programmes are available for teams.

To discuss your requirements or find out more, contact us here.