Leadership Coaching

Leading others

Series of behaviours leadership coachingLeaders today need to adopt very different leadership styles to leaders in the past.

‘Followers’ no longer follow commands or hierarchical positions; they want be heard, led by authentic people and encouraged to develop. Leaders need to learn new ways to connect and engage with people, to motivate and enable them, to serve them, whilst satisfying the demands of corporate life and staying true to themselves

Leaders today need to create the known in uncertain, ambiguous, and ever changing business environments; most people operate most effectively in the ‘known’ rather than the unknown. Leaders need to create meaning of effort.

Only when effort means something to people are they truly motivated to give their all, and release the so called ‘discretionary effort’.

In our leadership coaching, we help you to discover your own unique and authentic strengths, how you impact on others and how you can flex your behaviours authentically to increase the influence and impact you have on others. We help you to discover your values, and how use them to become an even more inspiring leader.

Leading yourself

Self-leadership is key – leaders need to practice what they preach, go first where they want others to go. This also means that you need to be fully committed to your own developmental change and transformation – changing limiting thinking, habits and patterns.

People want to be inspired, therefore as a leader, you need to know your own source of inspiration and be able to access that especially when times are tough, stressful and changeable.

In our coaching sessions, we will help you to identify and transform those patterns that are holding you back, and make you a less effective leader. We facilitate your own journey of discovery of what motivates and inspires you, and help you develop a regular practice so you can tap into your creative and inspirational source when you need it.

Leadership is a series of behaviors rather than a role for heroes.”

Margaret Wheatley

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