6-months Leadership Programme

Leadership is about being and embodying, rather than doing and efforting. When we ‘embody’ or ‘are’, we express those qualities that motivate others to keep going and support our vision and us, as leader.

“You don’t lead by pointing and telling people some place to go. You lead by going to that place and making a case.”

Ken Kesey

In our signature 6-months Leadership Coaching Programme, we focus on those qualities that you wish to embody more congruently and those you wish to amplify.

Soaring eagle coaching goal leadership

What do we cover?

Guided by your needs and goals, we will focus on leadership qualities essential for you, such as:

  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Space
  • Inclusiveness
  • Receptivity
  • Openness
  • Flexibility
  • Realness
  • Trust
  • Meaning
  • Alignment
  • Energy
  • Intuition
  • Relatedness
  • Commitment
  • Presence
  • Groundedness
  • Silence
  • Inspiredness
  • Service

We will work on each key quality, and

  • help you make a step change in how you lead through this quality
  • identify what adjustments you can make that will inspire people around you
  • blast through doubts and insecurities
  • increase your confidence in yourself

In each session we are likely to include one or more of following elements of successful leadership styles:

  • Body Language (Voice, Movement, Postures, Gestures and Facial Expression) & Involuntary Response
  • Verbal Language & Expression
  • Self-Awareness & Self-Management
  • Awareness of Others & Personal Impact
  • Situational Awareness & Energetic Impact

Who is this for?

Our 6-month programme is ideal for leaders, who:

  • have been newly appointed into a leadership role and who wish to discover their leadership style,
  • are experienced at leadership and are keen to step up their game,
  • wish improve their leadership performance based on specific feedback,
  • want to gain more flexibility in their leadership style, e.g. to lead diverse, multi-cultural teams, more complex and geographically challenging programmes.

What results can you expect?

In every session we will challenge you to explore and try on new behaviours, different perspectives and embody one or more of the qualities of a new style leader.

You will come away with

  • increased self-awareness of your own self-leadership
  • a clear understanding on how you impact on others, what works and what does not,
  • a practical and clear plan for next steps
  • an effective set of measures that will undeniably inform you about your level of leadership effectiveness and progress.

Each session will give you

  • increased confidence, centeredness and certainty,
  • a shift in how you embody the leadership quality,
  • breakthrough with doubts, fears and limiting beliefs
  • more effective interactions with your peers, direct reports, and superiors, almost immediately after the session.

Leaders are more powerful role models when they learn than when they teach!”

Rosabeth Moss Kantor

How does it work?

Over a 6 months’ time-frame you will get

  • a 2 hour strategy session, where were agree your goals and leadership vision
  • 6 x 2 hour face-to-face sessions at your office, one session each month, where we will nail a leadership quality in each session.
  • specific actions and quests to work on between sessions you will have (depending on the time commitment you can make)
  • encouragement and tailored e-mail, phone and skype/google hangouts video support

We will also contract with you and your sponsor to ensure organizational and personal goal alignment. We will gather feedback from your sponsor, boss(es), peers and team members (where applicable) before our first leadership quality session.

What is your investment?

The 6-months Leadership Programme is £25,000 + VAT [1].

To sign up, contact us here.

[1] travel expenses for your coach are in addition.