Somatic Breakthrough

There are times when whatever we do, and however much we try, we still sabotage ourselves. Sometimes there are issues where we sense there is a connection but we cannot find the words to express what is going on. We just know something is wrong, our emotions and our body tell us something is wrong.

How does it work?

In this programme, we help you develop a clear intention of what you desire to create, manifest or achieve. We then work with your body and emotions to express this intention, identify any blocks or hold-backs, allow these to surface and emerge through movement and energetics.

We will work on allowing other resources e.g. strengths to emerge into the same creative space. Symbolic body movement will help you to transform and embody your intention – making it real and bringing about a powerful step change in your life.

mountain coaching somatic breakthroughMove Mountains

Move your mind,

Move your body,

Move your emotions

Move Mountains.

Bettina Pickering © 2013


What is included in the Somatic Breakthrough Package?

      • 6 x 1 hour face to face sessions (one every 2 weeks) usually taken over a period of 12 weeks
      • 6 x 15 minute phone check in sessions (one very two weeks)
      • Unlimited e-mail and phone support in between sessions
      • A symbolic body movement practice that is right and unique to you – your can use this for any future intention or goal achievement
      • Pdf write ups of your insights, revelations and core changes
      • Clear tasking before, after, and in between sessions
      • 1 x 30 minute skype follow up session

Questions? Drawn to Somatic Breakthrough? Contact us to discuss if this would be right for you.

Please note: We only offer Somatic Breakthrough following a number of preparatory coaching sessions. It is very important that you and your coach have established a trusted and connected working relationship, and have clearly identified together what you wish to transform before you can book this package.