Deep Transformation

“The very things we wish to avoid, neglect and flee from turn out to be the ‘prima materia’ from which all real growth comes.”

Andrew Harvey

Sometimes we experience similar patterns of behaviours and events across a number of areas of our lives; or a certain pattern keeps repeating. It can feel like self-sabotage or as if nothing is working even through you are doing your best. You may not be able to name the patterns, you know they are there, they may be something you wish to avoid, and they are holding you back.

Often deep held beliefs – about who you are or who are not – or old habits – long ingrained and out of conscious awareness – are the source. These beliefs, decisions, habits or experiences may have served you at the time they were created, but are now out of date and in an exhausting conflict with who you are now.

coloured air balloon deep transformation

The Deep Transformation approach

  • provides the catalyst for significant changes across several areas of your life by transforming old and stuck patterns/habits,
  • releases significant amounts of trapped energy,
  • makes space for new experiences,
  • unleashes creativity and ability to create,
  • increases joy in life,
  • takes an energetic weight off – people tend to feel lighter, freer and relaxed.

We offer two pre-designed deep transformation programmes: Somatic Breakthrough and Change Weaving.

Both programmes follow our proven, proprietary step-by-step process, which we adapt to your specific needs. Talk to us to arrange a free clarity session.

What our clients are saying:

“Bettina created a very professional and compassionate space for my coaching session which enabled me to get my ‘stuff’ out of my head and vocalise it.”[read more]

Sally, Energy Worker, London, UK

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