What our clients are saying

Executive & Leadership Coaching

“Bettina’s passion and intensity makes working with her very rewarding, she is not afraid to ‘cut to the chase’ so that the sessions quickly provoke thought and positive change.”

Board Member, Media Company


“Bettina helped me clearly identify what elements within a role motivate and energise me and helped to secure a new role within my organisation. I have been able to use the coaching techniques (learnt during my sessions with Bettina) with some of my own staff to help them through a wide range of issues and help them develop their own solutions.”

Commercial Manager, Utility


Breakthrough Business & Career Coaching

“I had a coaching session with Bettina to help me to understand and break through some fear and anxiety I was experiencing, and which was preventing me from taking an important step with a new business idea.  I immediately felt that I was in a safe pair of hands and in a very short space of time – and with considerable skill and sensitivity – Bettina helped me to work my way through it.  I felt so much better after the session and within a week I had take the action I needed to move my business idea forward.” 

Annabel, Transformational Coach, UK


“I found my sessions with Bettina really useful – she was very good at giving me the space to voice everything going on.  Bettina also provided some really useful tools for helping me identify my strengths and what I enjoy most at work – which gave me the incentive to move from my current role to a new one which focusses more on what I enjoy and where my strengths lie.”

Sara, Charity Fund Raiser, UK


“Creating a compelling CV that I felt comfortable and happy with seemed an insurmountable task until I started working Bettina on it. She managed to extract key messages from my narratives and helped me formulate ‘to the point’ responsibilities and achievements that truly reflect my strengths and the work I have done. Thank you so much for all your help and patience!”

Tax consultant, London, UK


“She’s very effective. Knowledgeable, gets her messages across very well. I have been struck by her ability to quickly redesign the session around her client and their needs.”

Supply Chain Consultant, London, UK


“Session was excellent and felt that you really covered every aspect of the topic including things I hadn’t thought of! I liked your mirroring of the language as well as your elegant introduction of NLP i.e. Food being “different”. Felt I was working with a real professional! Thank you!”

Client, Switzerland


“Bettina is a very accomplished coach.  Each time I was coached by her I felt that she totally connected with me and I felt very supported. Her coaching style is firm and this encouraged me to dig deep looking for answers and resources that she knew were within me.  She made sure that by the end of each session I had achieved my goal for the session.”

Patricia, Project Manager, London, UK


“Working with Bettina is gratifying. She is supportive and encouraging and taught me how to take time for myself and explore new possibilities and perspectives. She encourages me to acknowledge my own strength in wanting to change and improve my life. I always feel fully invigorated and inspired after a session with Bettina!”

Metal Trader, Switzerland


“Bettina’s coaching is insightful and extremely helpful. She quickly gets to the heart of the matter in a manner that is energizing and productive. She showed me how to overcome my procrastination tendencies; she helped me to clarify what motivates me most in my professional life. During coaching sessions with her my limiting beliefs were transforming into positive ones, big goals become realistic and achievable. Her sense of humor makes her coaching sessions nice and pleasant.”

Coach & Trainer, Poland


I have been interested in NLP for some time and having read some reviews I wanted to try it out on an area in my life which I felt was ‘blocked.’  Bettina suggested we use ‘parts integration’ which would uncover the true source of the block and how it could be overcome.  Bettina made sure I was relaxed and asked a series of questions which allowed me to visualise and feel my perfect outcome.  I was then asked a series of questions which allowed me to visualise creative, alternatives of reaching that outcome.  Bettina then guided me to bring both visualisations and feelings together!  That was a very powerful moment and I felt a collision of energy which was quite startling.  Bettina explained that it would continue to work until the issues had been resolved.

I would thoroughly recommend Bettina as an NLP Practitioner to anyone who is interested in moving things forward in their life.”

Pauline, Fitness Instructor, London, UK


“Thank you so much for you time on Wednesday. I never thought I could get as much out of it as I actually did. The NLP session gave me a boost of confidence and made me realise I’ve so far achieved much more in my career than I thought.”

Senior Manager at Big 4 Consultancy, London, UK


“Bettina really helped me think about what motivates me within a role [values and metaprogrammes] and what I want out of my career in a structured way. Building on this, she has helped me to really improve my CV and ensure it more effectively targets the types of roles I want to pursue. I will continue to use Bettina as a sounding board and career coach.”

Special Projects Manager, UK Utility


Jetzt ist schon der dritte Arbeitstag und die Routine ist voll wieder da. Und siehe da, gestern bereits nach der Mittagspause stieg mein Pegel wieder. Eine gute Gelegenheit „den Anker“ auszuprobieren. Und siehe da, es klappt! Für´s erste Mal war ich richtig zufrieden und gleich ein ganzes Stück ruhiger.

Retail Manager, Germany


Deep Transformation

“Bettina has done some very powerful work with me using her excellent coaching and NLP skills. When working on limiting beliefs, which have been stopping me from moving forward with my goals, Bettina has used parts integration techniques to help me to see very clearly, what I am doing to hold myself back. She has helped me to reframe my beliefs into something more positive that I can work in harmony with, instead of what I was doing previously, which was in conflict with my progress. She is also excellent at picking up on the language that I use, and has helped me to frame my experiences in a more positive light. She works in a very gentle yet precise way to ensure that the techniques she employs actually have an effect long after the session has ended.”

Life Coach, Dublin, Ireland


“Bettina created a very professional and compassionate space for my coaching session which enabled me to get my ‘stuff’ out of my head and vocalise it. This in turn helped me to look at my aspirations and intentions from different perspectives and Bettina helped me pinpoint some interesting blocks and facilitate some releases in order to find a way forward.  Bettina is intuitive, intelligent and has a basket full of useful skills from she selects wisely in order to positively assist and support people.”

Sally, Energy Worker, London, UK


Bettina possesses a good, wide-ranged cocktail of skills that work very well together. I was surprised at what she brought out of me and am intrigued by where she could guide me to.

Heike, Qi Gong Teacher & Language Teacher, UK


“I approached Bettina with the hope of working through a few long since entrenched limited beliefs. These beliefs were holding me back from achieving my full potential and perpetually questioning/reflecting upon my social interactions. Undertaking a BodyEmotionEnergyMind session with Bettina was nothing short of miraculous. Utilising a number of different techniques, in a very supportive environment, we worked together to eliminate beliefs, processes that constrained me within unresourceful states. I have not looked back since our session. The positive outcomes were over and above my expectations. Thanks you so much, Bettina.”

Niall, Programme Manager, UK


Entrepreneur & Business Mentoring

“I have been working with Bettina throughout the process of setting up my business. She has an amazing ability to create clarity of thought and to really help me to focus on what needs to be done, as well as figuring out how to do it. I have found her to be consistently intuitive, non-judgmental and encouraging, whilst at the same time gently challenging me when required. I have always found that I have better focus and clarity after our sessions, and this has helped me no end to keep moving forward towards my goals.”

Diving Instructor, Thailand


“Bettina was my mentor for one year of my academics. She was a great source of help and inspiration, I was not expecting her to guide me as much as she did. Bettina assisted with my research, writing of my business plan, drafting ideas and managing my goals. During stressful periods, she taught me stress defusing techniques that helped and aided my concentration level. Her broad experiences, certainly reflected because her mentoring techniques were phenomenal. She knew exactly what she was talking about and was able to relate to various situations I had difficulties managing.

During my mentoring program with Bettina, my family and friends admitted that they saw a positive change in my approach to become a successful entrepreneur. Without question, she is the best mentor I have had, and she has always been a great support network.”

Atinuke, International Business Student, University of East London, UK


“I was a bit skeptical about the value a mentor might add to my own ideas and research on setting up an online business. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of advice, guidance and knowledge conveyed by Bettina Pickering, a well-established business owner and coach. My sessions with Bettina were enjoyable and easy-going, but packed with valuable information, practical and useful tips and great gems from her experience as an entrepreneur. I found Bettina to have a relaxed and informal style when it comes to mentoring, and this worked well for me as I felt comfortable to ask any question or discuss a particular scenario throughout the months we worked together. We covered all of the main areas in setting up an online business including how to write a business plan, how to manage the finances of a business and possible funding sources, ways in which to network in a virtual world, ways to create content for publishing, attracting clients, building relationships, the things to consider when entering into partnerships, the types of coaching available, and much more. I particularly liked the suggestions Bettina made with regards to maintaining a personal portfolio of development and applying qi gong practices to my daily rituals in order to help sustain well-being. I am grateful to Bettina for her generosity with time and knowledge, especially as I did not pay for her services. This act of kindness speaks volumes for the type of giving person she is, and I would have no hesitation of encouraging anyone wishing to set up their business to contact Bettina without delay. A great mentor!”

Rizwan, Pharmacist & Psychology Student, University of East London, UK