Coaching & Mentoring

In a world, where a lot of us wear social and business masks, where keeping up appearances prevents us from step change and evolutionary learning, coaching is a space where we can drop our masks, open and relax fully into who we truly are – without judgement.

The coaching conversation welcomes and allows those often neglected and silenced parts of ourselves to emerge, share and evolve into who we want to be. This helps us to release those energies that we expend on ignoring parts of ourselves or struggling with external circumstances, decisions, and limitations.

Coaching gives us the space to learn from within, bring out and develop strengths and talents we did not know we possessed, and take us right to the edge and beyond to what we believed was possible for us.

Aronagh’s Coaching Focus

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Deep Transformation

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We offer coaching for individuals and teams, packaged coaching programmes and mentoring.

Special rates are available for people working in the voluntary sector. For self-funded individuals: if financial worries or constraints are holding you back, speak with us. We work with you to put together a mutually agreeable solution.

How we work

Our coaching approach is presence, outcome and future focused. We facilitate you arriving at answers, insights and solutions that are authentically yours. We are committed to you achieving your goals and visions, and work in partnership with you to enable you to make the step changes you need to make to get there.

Our coaching style encompasses active listening, asking intuitive and pragmatic questions, and providing incisive challenge of assumptions, limitations, negative self-talk. We help you identify emotional cul-de-sacs and unconscious patterns, and when you are ready, we use our powerful arsenal of processes and techniques to assist you in transforming and integrating them. This may involve dealing with past events and traumas – we focus on releasing the energetic grip these events have you in the Here and Now: your work, your beliefs, your relationships, your body, your life.

And, when you need it, we provide direction in the form of specific coaching processes, off-line exercises and self-reflective work in between our sessions.

Watch the video below for a taster of Bettina’s coaching style. This is followed by reflections of the client.

This video is published with full permission from the client.

What results can you expect?

  • Expanded self-awareness and shaper understanding of who you are, and how you impact & influence others,
  • Clarity of what you truly want and what steps and action to take next to get there,
  • Increasing flexibility of behaviour, allowing you to do things differently so you get the results you want,
  • Reduced internal conflict, and as result a decrease stress and energy drainers,
  • Improved performance, flow and sense of achievement at work and at home,
  • Raised level of emotional intelligence, allowing you work with your emotions and strengthen your resilience,
  • Growing ease of accessing and utilising your strengths, embody change and new perspectives.

Your coaching options

  • Face to face, phone (global conference call line) or Skype (phone & video)
  • Typical 1:1 sessions are 45 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours; typical team sessions are 2-3 hours.
  • One-off sessions, call-off packages, 3 months or 6 months programmes available
  • We also offer breakthrough sessions when you need deeper shifts – usually of 4-6 hours duration.

To discuss your requirements or find out more, contact us here.