Our Team

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Our Director

bettinaBettina Pickering founded Aronagh in 2010.

She  is an experienced management consultant, executive coach, leadership trainer and therapist. Her unique combination of skills and experience enables her to develop and deliver tailored and multi-disciplinary coaching, development and consulting solutions that help teams and individuals to quickly make significant improvements to their performance, creative abilities and well-being.

She understands how change works and what motivates people; thus she can quickly pin point the ‘difference that makes the difference’ for complex change. [read more]

Our Associates

nyaliNyali Muir is a Transformative Coach, Leadership Trainer and Health & Wellbeing Consultant. Nyali has worked internationally for over 25 years, with a diverse range of individuals, businesses and cultures.

Her experience includes working with leaders in varied fields, such as in Athletics, Business, Health Industries, Performing Arts and Professional Speakers . [read more]

Our Webdesigner

PageLines-paul-250x250.jpgPaul Houlton is the owner of Blue Sky Creative, a UK based web hosting, web design and mobile app development company. He built and designed the Aronagh website.  One of his current projects is working with Media Rights companies to gather requirements and build augmented reality apps for April 2015 Miptv market.

Paul has a degree in Visual Design & Communication [read more]

Our Executive Assistant


Loren Schmal  is the owner of CyberPA, a South African based Virtual Assistant company.

Loren has extensive business savvy and expertise when it comes to running an office effortlessly. She can see the potential in people, situations and things and knows how to apply it to full effect. She is also keen to make life easier for others and help them make the most of their time. [read more]


Our Affiliations and Collaborations

Aronagh has collaboration agreements with the following organisations: