Our Clients

Consulting & Training

Here are some of our clients we worked with:

  • One Housing Group
  • Momenta Group
  • Worldvision
  • Arthur D. Little (in collaboration with Q595)
  • KPMG
  • Telemetry
  • Marlborough House Therapy Centre
  • Financial Services Authority
  • Serco (in collaboration with Sixth Sense Consulting)
  • Novozymes (in collaboration with Quorum)
  • The Children’s Society (in collaboration with Sixth Sense Consulting)


Coaching, Mentoring & WellBeing

Example clients we worked with:

  • Senior Project Manager, Utility
  • Senior Manager, Consultancy
  • COO, Media Company
  • Customer Services Manager, Global Software House
  • Entrepreneur, Coaching Business
  • Trader, Global Bank
  • Board & Senior Team of Media Company
  • Transport Manager, Shipping Business
  • Trainer & Coach, Freelance
  • University of East London, Mentoring Programme for Students


Our Affiliations

Aronagh has collaboration agreements with the following organisations:

We believe in collaborating with organisations with shared values and complementary services.