Circle People Aronagh LogoAronagh was formed in 2010 by Bettina Pickering, to help leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches make the transformational shifts that will take them to the next level.

Our Values: What’s in a name?

The name Aronagh is derived from a number of Irish-Gaelic words, which embody the Aronagh values:

Honour / Hospitality: oineach

Aronagh offers its clients ethical, caring and individualised service. Aronagh consultants, trainers and coaches hold unconditional and non-judgemental space for our clients to be who they authentically are, as we support them in transforming the challenges and issues they bring to the table.

Both: araon

Any kind of change work undertaken with an outside party is most effective and sustainable when it is undertaken in partnership. Therefore, Aronagh partners with our clients to effect and manifest the changes they wish to make. Partnership is a two way street and requires trust and integrity.

To choose: roghnaigh

Aronagh helps its clients to open the door to discover choices and resources they did not realise they had, thus accelerating their growth towards what they want and who they want to be.